The differences between LTE and VoLTE

We have entered the new era of mobile cellular technology. It is the transformation from 3G technology to 4G. In addition, there are many facilities we have gotten like free video calling, and free unlimited 4G internet. After switching from 3G technology to 4G technology, many people ask the difference between LTE and VoltE. In this blog, we are going to tell you the difference and which one is better? So, let’s get started.

What is LTE?

LTE is the mobile internet technology. 4G is the technology that name is given to LTE. The abbreviation of LTE is Long Term Evolution. In short 4G synonym of LTE. It supports the download speed of 100 MBits per second and upload speed of 50 MBits per second. This technology is one of the fastest data transfer technologies. And after some time, it may become one of the most dominant among all the mobile internet technologies being used.

LTE is an upgraded version of 2G and 3G technology. It offers a high-performance cellular data service. If you use 4G technology, your call will not cut even if you are in the tunnel. The idea of using a different radio interface as the LTE wireless interface wasn’t compatible with the 2G and 3G standards. Further, a simplified and redefined network architecture was required that could reduce latency. This gives rise to the 4G LTE that operates more effectively and offers high data speed to the customers.

What is VoltE?

There was no help for voice in LTE locally, which gives rise to VoltE, short for voice over LTE. It’s a much-advanced system to make HD video calling better than 2G/3G technology. It’s a more standardized communication technology that allows people to do video and voice calling effectively. To manage the high data speed, the VoltE is specially designed. Over 4G technology, the VoltE is more efficient.

Difference between LTE and VoltE:

Voice quality:

LTE doesn’t support voice calling and data services at the same time. But, VoltE supports voice calling and data services simultaneously. You can use the internet effectively when you are on the phone if you use VoltE cellular technology.

Data connection:

In LTE, when you make your call, your data automatically gets off. Whereas in VoltE, you don’t need to switch off your data while making a call. 4G technology is the best for users who usually make calls and do not use the internet often. While VoltE technology is best for both voice calling and the internet without affecting each other.

Internet dependability:

In order to make free voice calls, your internet should be activated all day. However, you don’t need to keep your data on to make the voice call.

Call set-up time:

In LTE, it takes almost 7 seconds to connect the calls. But, in VoltE, it’s a matter of seconds.

In Conclusion:

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. It is the next generation of mobile technology that offers high data transfer rate. VoltE stands for Voice Over Long Term Evolution. It supports both voice and data without affecting each other. When it comes to high data speed, HD video calling, call set-up time, and internet dependability, the performance of the VoltE is better than LTE.

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