The Differences Between Android Vs iOS Operating System

Mobile phones are playing a significant role in the life of human beings. The two famous operating systems like the android and the ios are available. Many mobile companies like to use the Android operating system as the apple IOS does not give the rights for other mobile manufacturers except their own apple devices. This is the reason that you will find only the android operating system in most of the new mobile brands

The cost of this android OS is very much less compared to IOS. Android is the standard operating system that has used by millions of people, and so the first version that has been launched in this operating system is the android 1.0 alpha. Then it has continued, and now it has reached the latest version of Android 10. Also, in the IOS, you will find thirteen versions with improved features.

Android and IOS apps

The android application is created with the language of Java, whereas the IOS apps are created with the objective- c Swift. The android applications will have the graphical user interface quality less compared to the IOS. The reason is that it will mostly concentrate on the hardware. The IOS application will be available in the apple app store. Here, the users will able to find plenty of the IOS applications, and so there will not be any virus threat whereas, in order to get the android apps, the users need to search in the Google play store.

Speed of the operating system

The Apple operating system is designed to perform much better than the android. The IOS users will find it much comfortable to use, and also the speed will never get reduced even if it runs for a long time. The IOS operating system will not allow third-party apps to work just like the Android operating system. But you can download the third-party apps in IOS only if you jailbreak it. You should also have to note that the jailbreaking will not provide you the full control.

Language support

The android mobiles are designed to support more than a hundred languages, and so it will be useful for worldwide users to use. But in the iPhone device, you will find the only thirty-four languages.

Battery life and other features

In the android mobile, the users have to charge the mobile often as this may take more energy easily. But in the IOS, it is a simple opposite. All the applications, software, and hardware of the IOS operating system are computed and rearranged. So your apple device will consume only the less battery even though the size of the battery is less compared to the android mobile. The google assistance of the android is not that much effective like the Siri assistance in the IOS.

The native cloud integration in the IOS is iCloud, which is more spacious, whereas, in the android, you will find the google drive storage. It is important to note that the android app security is less secure than the IOS, but if you have jailbroken the IOS device, then it will also cause many security problems.


Thus in the above paragraphs, many important points are discussed, which will give the mobile users a bright idea. Both the android and IOS platforms are providing the various versions and the app updates for mobile users. Each operating system will have its unique features. You will also find many of the similarities in both the operating systems, but only the difference will help you to pick the best.

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