Best Budget Laptops in 2020

Laptops have become an essential device for everyone’s life. Right from writing on Wordpad, to designing a website, we need a portable desktop that allows us to do our task anywhere. The high level of flexibility we have got from the laptop is remarkable. We can easily execute the group tasks because it allows us to connect at any location.

How to get the best budget laptop?

There are numerous renowned laptop manufacturing companies which are offering advanced technology-based laptops at competitive rates. It is difficult for some users to determine which laptop suits their requirements. So, in this blog, we are going to tell you the best budget laptops in 2020.

List of the best budget laptop of 2020:

HP Spectre x360 (2020):

HP always impresses his audience with its new design and technology-based devices. And HP Spectre x360 is one of them. The core processor of this laptop is the 10th generation. When it comes to appearance, it is a stylish and high-quality finish. Whether you need a laptop for writing, designing websites, finance, graphic designing, or gaming, it is the all-purpose laptop.

If we talk about its storage, it has 256 GB- 2TB SSD. When it comes to appearance, functionality, performance, and quality, HP Spectre is the best. All in all, this laptop is a big refresh of 2020.

Dell XPS 13:

Dell company is famous for manufacturing highly durable and functional laptops. This XPS 13 comes with the 8th generation intel i5 core processor. When it comes to appearance, this laptop comes in rose gold, black, copper color with bezel-less ‘infinity edge display’. The webcam of this laptop has been placed at the top center of the screen, which allows you to do video conference effortlessly. At this budget, you will not get any other laptop with so many advanced features.

Huawei MateBook 13:

When it comes to affordability, Huawei laptops come in the first position. And this company has done it again by launching MatBook13. It comes with the latest features and components that enhance the value of the laptop in the market. It comes with advanced technology-based graphics cards, including Nvidia MX150 and a gorgeous lightweight design. The good news for the Huawei users is that both Microsoft and Intel are going to support the Huawei laptops.

Acer Swift 3:

Acer Swift3 is an excellent laptop that comes with a super keyboard and touchpad. The CPU of this laptop is i7 core, graphics Nvidia GeForce MX150, and RAM 4GB-8GB. And all these features you will get in this laptop at a reasonable price. In terms of functionality and performance, Swift3 is one of the best laptops in the market at this price. The user-interface of this laptop is friendly. And it offers comfort typing experience even in travel. This laptop is the best for the writers who want a comfortable keyboard and decent touchpad.

Dell G5 15:

Another laptop of Dell G15 is booming in the market. It comes with a 9th generation core processor. It is designed for users who have tight budgets but still need a laptop for gaming. The graphics of this laptop is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 2070. This laptop has a perfectly balanced featured set and great battery life.

In Conclusion:

We hope this comprehensive guide on the best budget laptops helps you a lot. The above-mentioned laptops have gained huge acceptance in the market. The functionality, features, performance, and affordability of these laptops have them popular. You can purchase any one of them without thinking much.


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