Best 4 Blogging Platforms of 2020

Are you looking to launch a new blog? If yes, then you must go with the right blogging platform. In the market, there are several blogging platforms out with updated features that become too tough to pick the right choice. But at the same time, not every blogging platform is equal, so you suggested to follow the below article. It helps to get great ideas to select the best platform to create a blog and derive more number of visitors.



WordPress is the best blogging platform and becomes the most famous CMS. It launched in the year 2003. This blogging platform is a free open source, and it allows building a blog within in short time. It provides better control on each aspect of the site and helps to develop a blog with additional features such as an online store, paid membership. If you want to enjoy overall control on the blog, then stands as the first option. You obtain more than 1000 adds-ones like themes and another plug-in. The WordPress blogging platform is available to use in the form of free of cost as well as premium.


If you want to create your blog with the help of an old blogging platform, here you use the blogger blogging platform. At present, the blogger platform is obtained by Google, so it becomes more popular to meet a great result in a short time to promote the message to t all over the world. The blogger offers a large amount of the inclusive site/blog to create the best solution when you compare it to another platform. Hence you can access from online and install to control the overall part of the site. Some of the new users don’t have any ideas to create a blog, so they start their first blog on the blogger bogging platform. It is quite simple and straight forward to create effectively. It is a free blogging platform for everyone to try and meet individual comfort. It built with an intuitive interface that assists in using and effectively.


Drupal blogging platform obtains excellent attention at the time of the CMS debates, and it especially becomes more famous between the enterprise levels. Drupal blogging platform built with high security and several free templates to customize the site. On the other hand, the user must have an ordinary essential technical skill to meet better output. This blogging platform is highly suitable for those who are looking for advance features. If you come to create a blog with this Drupal blogging platform which support the multilingual site and assist in taking care of lot data.


Are you looking for a free model blogging platform, and then try with the WIX. This blogging platform designed with the new technology of cloud-based. Hence it is straight forward to design and develop a new blog over this platform. You can start using it free of cost. It boosted the end number of the unique features when compared with other blogging platforms. Hence you can customize the blog with its advance features. You can access free domain at subscribing to their premium plans. It helps to enrich around 3.3 million of the site and highly preferred platforms to build a website and create a blog in wish language. In the platform, user can find out every platform on the roof that make simple and easy to build your blog.


Ongoing with right above four blogging platforms, people can create a blog and promote their business to the next level. It is one of the least-cost methods which provide endless support to do your business to a high level in the search engine.

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