6 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android Smartphones

These days, Android mobiles have gained more reputation. However, the Smartphone has distinct features along with multiple lenses. With those lenses, you can capture stunning photos but still people looking for some ways to add a personal touch with their photos. For this, photo editing apps are a boon for us to edit the photos quickly. You will find out only quality images when you edit them.

It is sometimes better to find out the top-notch photo editing apps for Android. So, let us see the 6 best photo editing apps for Android in detail.




At first, we all know PicsArt is the best photo editing app for Android phones. The features are excellent and have an easy user interface. It is known for its exciting functionalities. This app has a lot of powerful tools for editing. It gives a complete package with casual photo editing. It offers a creative look when you start editing photos as quickly as possible. Users can edit or remix the images with powerful features. It is free to edit with lots of functionalities.

Photoshop Express

By having a simplistic and user-friendly interface, people prefer Photoshop Express as the best one. It is a most fabulous app for Android phones with multiple features. The app has quick and powerful editing features forever. It is essential for editing photos with numerous features. Of course, Photoshop Express a variety of effects, colors, and frames. It has some advanced tools to get into minimized effects. This app is free to download with ad-free content. You can also share your edited photos with social media platforms.


If you need the coolest app for photo editing, well, Fotor is a boon for you. It is the most recommended app for editing photos with tones of effects and colors. This app also enhances images with a range of editing features. Users can configure multiple customizable edit functions. It quickly tracks based on the collages with plenty of templates. They are free and download with ad-free content. This app is top-rated because of its unique functionalities. It has plenty of collage templates to create based on the special features.


When you need a similar app like PicsArt, then prefer the LightX app. It allows users to add photo frames with pictures and texts inside. You can edit the background and do other things quickly. This app has multiple features that are very easy for finding exposure effects, and so on. It depends on text creation on the photos edited so far. This app is very safe and has a good user interface option. It has variant presets and filters to use for editing needs. So, you should find this app as your favorite one. It has tons of features updated with a single click.


AirBrush is a top-rated photo editing app with user-friendly retouch tools. It has cool filters with beautiful editing results. This app is exciting because of its built-in camera interface. It has live effects and efficiently edits the photos with excellent pictures. With its interactive features, they could meet changes in brush and depends on the size. It has pimple removers and whitens teeth and so many effects in a single click. It has some special effects with natural radiant features.

YouCam Perfect

However, YouCam Perfect is a handy photo editor app for everyone. Do you want a reliable and ad-free app, and then choose this YouCam Perfect. It has one-touch filters with exclusive specifications. They could immediately do photo crop and rotate accordingly. The app comes with Face reshaper and many other features. You will get this app for free at Google Play Store and install.


From the above discussion, we will get a clear idea regarding the best photo editing apps for Android. I hope this post will help you by picking the best app for editing. So, it will guide you to read its description before download the top-rated photo editing apps for Android.


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